Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Monster manual special : The Cockatrix !

OK, let me get this straight right away, this is going to be one of those stupid posts, just so you know. You don't have to say anything nice about it, I won't mind (much).

OK now James Holloway from Gonzo History has initiated a little contest to create new monsters like those you can see in the original monster manual.
You know, the kind of monsters when you have more imagination than money or models !

The first step being to find a cheap toy, I found exactly what I needed !

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Warhammer underwolds Shadespire - Steelheart's Champions

Guess what I'm back with ? Well there's not much to guess with a big picture to open the post but yeah, I've painted Stormcast. Again.
After trying Shadespire at my friendly local hobby shop, I had a really good time and immediately saw the opportunity to play this one with my non wargaming friends (the weird kind who like to play games but without miniatures only).
The bow set coming with 8 models and the bands being set as they are, I also knew there was little risk for me to say... start an new army or that kind of non sense.

Sunday, 29 October 2017

Trash Bash competition - The outpost

Brian Roe from Roebeast's magical house of sunshine has organised a new edition of the Trash Bash competition on the Facebook page.
I have to say trash bashing has never been my forte so I thought I'd use the occasion to take part and come up with something for once !

You can read the full rules on his blog but the main points were the following :

Contestants will construct and paint a vehicle or structure inspired by the terms ASSAULT/SIEGE. Concepts do not have to be military in nature and can embody any ideas that the entrant sees as viable.

The required bit is a medicine package. From pill bottles to blister packs, any bit that once held or dispensed some sort of medicine is valid

So I tried to look in my stash for suitable pieces I could repurpose and came up with those :

Saturday, 28 October 2017

Life in 2 colours - a painting exercise

And now for something completely different and a little unexpected, here's a little painting exercise ! I've decided to take part in a little online painting challenge a couple of weeks ago. The rules were pretty simple : the only pots available had to be black, white, turquoise and orange !
Working with a limited palette should be OK, I'm used to it I thought... And then reality struck me in the face...
If model painters are ranked from "tournament minimum 3 colours" to "master level multi awarded god" well.... I guess I'm firmly stuck somewhere in the grey area in between.

Now what drives my painting ?

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Orks, orks orks, get ready for some love !

Orctober is a good month, not only becaus eit is the month that saw me come to this world or because of the trees getting coloured in all sorts of splendid colours from green to yellow, orange and red but because thanks to Erny, it's become the international month of celebration of orcoid love.

Now I've taken part a few times in Orctober now and felt like giving it a go once again this year. I didn't have any big plan for it but a quick look at my desk told me I had some fodder (don't we all ?).

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

The lone shacks - Fogou Models

I've recently spent a lot of time on scenery from all sources and although it has made progression on models a bit more complicated it's starting to pay off. I have a convention planned in half a year and I would really want to be able to fill a fancy table so there's no other way to achieve this than to roll my sleeves up and get dirty !
I have many projects of scenery on the go but the first I've finished were those lone shacks from Fogou Models.

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Thursday, 5 October 2017

Ordo Biologis acolytes

There are some ideas you just don't see coming although they've been in your head for a while. Well these guys are of that kind !
I was very excited about the release of the objectives box along the new 8th edition of warhammer 40k and one model had especially grabbed my attention.
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